Life is Calling. How Far Will You Go? (from PC logo)

Well, things are getting exciting now.  On Friday, I received an email from my Peace Corps Placement Specialist, and she had a list of questions for me to answer. The first one on the list was how soon I would be available to leave! Are they going to send me somewhere very soon? (I could have answered, “Is tonight soon enough?” But I didn’t.) 

Perusing the list of departures in the Peace Corps timeline, I had fun imagining myself in various countries. I have been an avid reader of the Peace Corps blogs for months. At first I chose 2 countries per day to read blogs from, but lately I’ve simply been bringing up the general Peace Corps Journal site, where everyone’s blogs show up in reverse order of when they were posted. Could they squeeze me into the Albania group leaving March 18? That would be good! Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Kyrgystan, and Uganda all leave in April. Wow! There’s variety in that group! Everything from mosquito nets to snow to 10-mile bike commutes on rough terrain. If I have more lead time, we’re into May, which would mean Guyana, Ecuador, or Paraguay. June, when I’ve been nominated for, has widespread representation of regions: from Asia to South America,  Central America to Pacific Islands. And Africa.  Moldova is not yet on the list on the website. And I think the Peace Corps has been planning to reopen in Tunisia in June (postponed from the fall). That would be fabulous!

So with all these possibilities, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking! It doesn’t really matter where I go, since the experience will be amazing in any country. Rough, exhilarating, frustrating, interesting, Bring it on, Peace Corps! Life is calling and I’m willing to go wherever you send me!


2 thoughts on “Life is Calling. How Far Will You Go? (from PC logo)

  1. This is such an exciting time! I envy you that thrill of the unknown – all of it ahead of you, yet to be actualized in the material plane…The list of possible countries leaves my head swirling. You are certainly facing this challenge with the requisite degree of openness and enthusiasm. Another 50+ female candidate set to leave in June (Burkina Faso) just started following my blog and apparently just began one of her own. You two have a lot in common it sounds like (actually we all do!) You might want to check her out at

    • Kathleen–

      So it is me who just got my placement for Burkina Faso for June 3rd…. it does take a while and back and forth. I was supposedly going to be an agricultural agent (I am a landscape architect) but I was offered a position teaching math and science and computers to girls in high school so I jumped at that…. I didn’t want to wait until September. Again, flexibility is the key. Do go to my blog and then you will get my posts, etc. It is a long application process but it did finally end up happily for me (so far)….. and my husband will be staying in Ann Arbor while I am away (like Mad’s…..) hope my husband send me poetry; has never happened in 27 years but who knows? Best wishes, Bonnie

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