Gearing Up!

When I announced that I was going to Mongolia in my last post, I thought I would follow up soon with a more detailed discussion of the brilliance of Mongolia as my assignment and many other details. However, it’s been almost three weeks, and I have been caught up in a whirlwind of activities with the Peace Corps. No sooner did I accept the assignment than I received an email with lots of pdf files to read. In addition, I kept getting links to the Peace Corps Portal, where my medical tasks are listed. Not to mention emails from placement and staging, outlining tasks that require my immediate attention.

Let me start by saying that when I saw the word Mongolia in bold type in the first line of the email, I felt a rush of chi through my body. I sat up straighter and experienced a knowing that this was exactly the right country for me. Then followed a joyful dancing around the room, saying, “Yes, yes, yesssss!!!!” I had to keep reminding myself throughout the day to ground myself, to feel my bottom on the seat, to feel my feet on the ground. At stop lights, while I was driving, I kept rubbing my face and arms to remind myself to stay in my body. That night, I had trouble sleeping.

So now I move forward with emptying my house, getting my Peace Corps physical, visiting my daughter, and all the other activities that are bringing me ever closer to May 30, in the knowledge that, once again, the universe brings me something so much better than I could have arranged for myself.


One thought on “Gearing Up!

  1. How wonderful the excitement! Your bones know that you are headed into the right space,mentally and physically. Peace Corps did find the right match for you, Katherine. You have an amazing opportunity ahead of you.

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