People seem interested in the course of events and their timing following application. Here is my timeline:

June 17, 2012: submitted application

July 25: interview

September 4: nomination

December 19: medical preclearance

February 1, 2013: email from Placement with detailed questions regarding many aspects of service, including how soon I would be ready to depart, what conditions I am willing to live in, and how I have been preparing for my service. Deadline for response: one week later.

February 3: I returned the email with the answers to the questions.

February 7: email inviting me to begin training in Mongolia; I sent acceptance on the same day.

April 19: final medical clearance.

April 24: email from Staging that our orientation has been changed to May 29, to be in Washington, DC instead of San Francisco May 30.

I will be in Mongolia 2.5 weeks shy of a year from my application submission. My timeline seems pretty average. I have met folks who were 18 months in the process, as well as one who was in country 7 months after application!

The time from September 4 til February 1 seemed long. It was good practice for letting go and being patient! Once I accepted the invitation, I was swamped with activities to do, including all the medical hoops to jump through.

Next post: probably from Mongolia!


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