Where the Heck is Macedonia?

Right here:


If you look just north of Greece, in the middle, between Bulgaria and Albania, you’ll see it. It’s small, only 9,928 square miles. That’s a shade larger than Maryland; Oregon is almost 10 times larger than Macedonia. In other words, you could fit almost 10 Macedonias into the state of Oregon.

Here’s the flag:


This is where I’m going in 5 days, after staging in 4 days. I’m excited because I haven’t been in this part of the world for 40 years, and I have longed to return. I’m also stressed because, after stuffing my luggage to the max, I still have more things that haven’t made it in, like a lot of yarn. And the days of oversized personal bags seems to be over. But as long as I have my computer, my binoculars, and my camera, I’ll be fine.


3 thoughts on “Where the Heck is Macedonia?

  1. Kathleen, hoping you are going to have just the most wonderful adventure and you do so in fine health, with peace in your heart. WE will be thinking of you…happy trails to you!!! much love PATTY AND JIM

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