Site Announcements

Today, we received our site assignments. All of us, being in the dual language program (Macedonian and Albanian), are assigned to places in the western part of the country. I’ll be spending the next 2 years high in the mountains near the border with Albania, elevation 2,000 feet. I hear it’s very beautiful there. Looking at the weather patterns in the past, it appears that during the day in the winter, the temperature hovers just above freezing, though it dips below freezing at night. In summer, it doesn’t get quite as hot there as it does in the rest of the country. There appears to be a good amount of sunshine in all seasons.


This community is mostly¬†Albanian, though both Macedonian and Albanian are spoken in the school where I’ll be working. Although I’ll be working with English teachers at the school, one of the school’s priorities that I’ll also be helping with is addressing the needs of children with special needs. These include learning disabilities as well as behavioral issues.

This will be an amazing adventure!


4 thoughts on “Site Announcements

  1. Congratulations Kathleen! We are excited for you and we look forward to following your adventures, insights, discoveries, and stories. Thank you for your commitment and service to the world. Your special needs students and teachers that await you are fortunate, as are you. Hope there are animals and a garden or soil in your life too!

  2. Kathleen! How is everything going? I know you must be busy and adjusting to.. Everything!
    I want to mail you real mail, via escargo. Possibile? Let me know if so. Best, warm wishes to you!

  3. Hi Kathleen, I hope this gets to you. How are you? I would like to send you real mail, via escargo. is this possible now? Please let me know a physical address where I can send you things. I hope all is well. I have been thinking of you!

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