Tearce Training Community

The lovely community of Tearce welcomed 9 trainees with open arms almost three months ago.

IMG_3159.jpgIMG_2774.jpgIMG_2975.jpgIMG_2946.jpgIMG_2782.jpgIMG_2981.jpgIMG_2940.jpgIMG_2796.jpgIMG_2799.jpgIMG_2884.jpgIMG_2898.jpgIMG_2878.jpgIMG_3161.jpgIMG_2982.jpgIMG_2984.jpgIMG_2989.jpgIMG_3036.jpgIMG_3023.jpgIMG_3027.jpgIMG_3029.jpgIMG_3061 (1).jpg


And look at us now!IMG_3167.jpgIMG_3170.jpgIMG_3178.jpgIMG_3180.jpg

Ciao! благодарам!

Mirupafshim! Faleminderit shume!


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