Around the Countryside

Today was the third in a series of seriously beautiful sunny spring days. My friends and I decided to explore some of the small villages in the vicinity of Dibër. We took the road south toward Struga. Things are just beginning to turn green, and the cherry blossoms are out in full force.

We visited villages in which the people were Albanian and Muslim, but spoke only Macedonian. In others, the people speak only Turkish, although older people may know Macedonian or Albanian. In others, like in Dibër,  predominantly Albanian is spoken. The surprise to me was that these villages aren’t very far apart to have such stark differences. IMG_3708.jpgIMG_3717.jpgIMG_3712.jpgIMG_3720.jpgIMG_3726.jpgIMG_3753.jpgWe had a delicious picnic lunch at the water’s edge.IMG_3754.jpgIMG_3763.jpgIMG_3757.jpgIMG_3761.jpgThere was lots of color.IMG_3805.jpgIMG_3795.jpgNote the Turkish symbol high up on the mountain.IMG_3794.jpgTurkish and Macedonian flags flew together.IMG_3793.jpgIMG_3779.jpgIMG_3827.jpgLater in the day, we stopped for a coffee break. This is the non-smoking section.IMG_3801.jpgThe smoking section:IMG_3800.jpg

At the last village we visited, Novak, we went into a gorgeous mosque. Turkish artists were brought in to do the painting and decorating.IMG_3809.jpgIMG_3815.jpgIMG_3822.jpgIMG_3820.jpgIMG_3813.jpgIMG_3811.jpgLeaving Novak, we visited Ataturk’s father’s house. It is a museum now, but it wasn’t open today. IMG_3831.jpgIMG_3829.jpgIMG_3833.jpgI would be remiss if I didn’t mention the animals that brought me so much joy today.IMG_3710.jpgIMG_3764.jpgIMG_3787.jpgIMG_3730.jpgIMG_3746.jpgIMG_3747.jpgIMG_3748.jpgI also made the acquaintance of two new birds, the Rufous-tailed RobinRufous-tailed_scrub_robin.jpg

and the Eurasian Jay (Wiki photos).

eurasian jay.jpg

My camera isn’t great for photographing birds, but I captured the color of this jay on its nest (middle of the photo).IMG_3741.jpgThis was a spectacular day, the first of many we have planned.


3 thoughts on “Around the Countryside

  1. Just lovely. Thanks yet again. The northern hillside tribes in Thailand are like those you visited in that they are each so different. Interesting.

  2. Oh Kath, what gorgeous photos! And the look of fresh Spring! What a wonderful spot you’ve chanced upon! Loved the birds and critters, but was looking for doggies and critters! Thanks for the update; I think of you so often!

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