Spring is well and truly here. People are walking in a more leisurely fashion along the main street now, pastry/coffee shops have opened their doors wide and put ice cream freezers on the pavement.IMG_3932.jpgThere is a new sidewalk and there are new trees planted.IMG_3929.jpgPeople are buying new furniture and having it delivered.IMG_3933.jpgAnd in the midst of all this, I woke up early this morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with the lake calling my name. Camera bag on my shoulder and binoculars around my neck, I walked out into the quiet, sunny morning in Dibër. I soon turned onto the lake road.IMG_3934.jpgIMG_3935.jpgIMG_3936.jpgIMG_3937.jpgA little more springtime spiffing up:IMG_3938.jpg IMG_3939.jpg

There was birdsong everywhere! There were some old friends, the barn swallow,


a friend that I met a couple of weeks ago, the white wagtail,220px-Motacilla_alba_-Kazakhstan_-adult_and_juvenile-8.jpg

and three Hoopoes, one of my favorites!


(Wiki pics)

Hoopoes usually nest in walls, buildings, or cliffs, but no more than two meters off the ground. This is the kind of place that both the Hoopoes and Barn Swallows would nest:IMG_3942.jpg

For a long time I listened, mesmerized, to a soft tan/gray bird with a white underside. This bird had such a varied song! It sounded like so many other birds that, at first, I thought of mockingbirds. After doing some research, I believe it was probably a thrush nightingale.


I walked past some frolicking goats on a hillside,IMG_3946.jpgand some beehives.IMG_3948.jpg

As I was leaving the area, in the midst of the nightingales’ songs, I saw a silent bird walking on the ground, eating. It reminded me a little of a quail. It didn’t hop; it ran. It was a bit plump, with a fine speckled pattern of brown, sometimes reddish. It had a crest. I think it was a Hazel Grouse.

Here’s the Wiki picture:


And here is a fuzzy enlargement of the one I saw:IMG_3949 (1).jpgI continued walking toward home.IMG_3951.jpgOn the way, I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants for coffee, and I was served by the cleaning staff. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture.

What an uplifting morning!


8 thoughts on “Birds!

  1. Wonderful to see your area and know you are doing so well! Looks like a perfect match for you this time , much love to you .

  2. What a glorious place to welcome Spring, Kathers! This place seems so much more your style that than the last!!! Spring is finally arriving here as well. I am on my little porch with tea and scone, listening to the birds, and just about watching grass grow! Finn is in his glory, with all the bird sounds and movement. Being short one leg, he is thankfully little danger to the birds, but it does make for great comedy! So happy to hear (and see) from you! Lots of love sent your way!

  3. Haahahah! “Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”! I could just SEE you even though you were on the other side of the camera, and can just FEEL spring and the beauty of the lake. Some amazing birds, you are incredible at recognizing them! Enjoy your season. Here it’s up and down, usual Eugene fashion.


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  4. Oh, what a welcome post, Kathleen, with all the birds. You sound like you’re in heaven. I’m so glad you are there. And I take it you’re over that virus or whatever it was…

    Buying house at 508 East King in Winona, closing June 1, move through the month of June.


  5. Kathleen, I love your posts! Thank you!!! It is so wonderful to have these reports from so far away, and to think you saw a nightingale! My kitty is getting very mellow, but, still, she is a cat, too…

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