Two Villages

Lazarapole, Macedonia

IMG_4409.jpgIMG_4404.jpgIMG_4399.jpgIMG_4397.jpgIMG_4401.jpgIMG_4394.jpgIMG_4393.jpgIMG_4405.jpgIMG_4387.jpgIMG_4389.jpgIMG_4391.jpgPainting of music, by a local artist

Gari, Macedonia

IMG_4414.jpgIMG_4413.jpgIMG_4415.jpgIMG_3990.jpgIMG_4021.jpgIMG_4003.jpgIMG_3995.jpgIMG_3996.jpgIMG_4005.jpgIMG_4018.jpgIMG_3992.jpgIMG_4417.jpgIMG_4022.jpgIMG_4419.jpgIMG_4424.jpgIMG_4421.jpgIMG_4425.jpgIMG_4427.jpgUsed for spinning wool in the old days.IMG_4429.jpgWestern Macedonia is so beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Two Villages

  1. Macedonia seems to be truly meshing with your essence and supporting your spirit, Kathleen. I am so happy for this healthy match for you and your desire to serve! Jean Kern

  2. So green! And the church looks very nice, like all orthodox churches. I see you made more animal friends, too! >

  3. Kathleen, my dear! Wow! I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of this amazing record. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping all was well and I see that it is very well, indeed. How beautiful it is where you are. And art and animals and people and music and language and good work. Yes! Love from me.

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