Objects of Desire

People have asked what they can send me, and I thought it would be helpful to put up a list of things that would either enhance my work, or enhance the quality of my life (like chocolate!). It’s very expensive to send packages here. But if you would like to contribute, here are some ideas (I will update this list as things occur to me):

-any of the I Can Read series of books, such as these series: Frog and Toad, Fox on Wheels, and other Fox books, George and Martha books.

-Crayola crayons, any size box

-construction paper, all colors

-colored tissue paper

-index cards, lined or unlined, all colors

-good quality markers

-Elmer’s white glue

-fair trade dark chocolate

-good coffee, Italian espresso, ground for espresso; a dark breakfast blend, ground for Melitta.

My address:

Kathleen Kendrick

c/o Lidia Pakucu

Debar, Macedonia